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The Guindo is go.

So if I'm not on your buddy list and you like, have it set up so I can't IM you unless I am, please to add me.

...I need to talk to Slink Tasha and Psyko. Mostly Tasha and Psyko since I seem to be cool with Slink to a moderate degree once more.

Yoiks, if you see Slink before I do, tell him to add The Guindo please?





Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

Other various games.

Confessional will be finished!

I will begin serious work on my Ghostwalker, Angel's Creed, and Odd Jobs Division projects.

I will scan and maybe draw more of Magical Cowboy Story.

Must draw Christmas gifts for people. Might attempt on the plane.

I'll be home TOMORROW! Before NOON even!

I heart you all, and will speak to you then!

Also I will change my AIM to The Guindo >_> so keep a lookout for it.


Man the ending to BoF I sucked, horrendously. Also, I spent some time getting the ultimate power of Agni and like... I COULDN'T USE IT. Wtf. How you gonna do that to a person.

Anyway. Sonic Rush, beat that too, ending was badass. I miss oldskool Sonic art, it was very refreshing to see.

Gonna try to order me a new laptop today, for real. Once I finish with LJ, I'm doin' it. Also, tomorrow, I will purchase a new beret, shave and shape, and begin to iron my BDUs for exodus. They'll be so crisp you'll cut yourself on the creases. I'd shine my boots for it too, but I wear those daily. I can't wear my BCT boots anymore, jump boots are like a million miles more comfortable >_> so I'll be doing those Saturday night.

Almost done with the Redwall book I've been reading. Rakkety Tam. Might finish it tonight, and go on to bigger and better things. Also watched all the King of Bandit Jing and I LOVE IT. Highly recommended to all you anime peoples.

I fear causing drama by not staying at my house over exodus, but really, I know it'll stress me the fuck out. So I'd much rather just stay at Peter's, away from the stress, and deal with the random bitching my parents will give me.

Also I can't wait to play RO again. Guido, my love, you will be mine~

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I'm alive.

Also getting ready to beat Breath of Fire I, and the only reason I came out of my room today was to look up a FAQ about the dragon quest items.



Mark is in town this weekend, I suppose I should call him and let him know I'm not on FTX or anything so he can come visit.

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All right let's see...

Nothing interesting to report. No more Warrior Task ever, yay! I get to come home for exodus on the 18th, too. In BDUs instead of Class A's as far as I know, also yay.

We have about two more weeks of class and then BAM FTX time. I hear our FTX is shortened because of cold weather too, which would be GREAT, but I kind of doubt it.

I need to talk to the DS about my PT test, too. I passed the first one, and then I got injured, and I passed the second one but they jacked up the times so like everyone had 2 minutes added to their times so I like DIDN'T pass which uh is bullshit. And now I'm too jacked up to take any others. But I need to pass one to graduate. So I need to talk to the DS about getting my first APFT score recognized as my final. (And I got a 255 on that one, which means I'd get a Bronze STRAC award, too. Niftiness.)

Need to reorder my laptop since the order apparently didn't go through. Need to finish watching the last 4 episodes of King of Bandit Jing, which is a great anime and I love it. Also need to beat Sonic Rush but the last boss is HARD T_T

I'll be back on RO for Christmas. Not too long, probably, since I'll only play when I'm waiting for people to wake up or have gone home for the day, but I'll be exploring, trying to level my forge merch and mostly AFKing and selling his wares.

Man, I can't wait to be completely LAZY for two whole weeks. Yes!

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My roomie and I both got duty platoon for some BULLSHIT. They did a fucking white glove inspection today, swear to god. DUST ON TOP OF THE REFRIDGERATOR ONOZ MY LIFE IS A LIE.


I swear. Bullshit. Even more bullshit is that we, the senior platoon, still have to do police call in the mornings, which is the JUNIOR platoon's job. That's actually one of the reasons our room was jacked, because Peoples is OCD and her squad has it this week which means she has to go out to formation fifteen minutes early. So she's not there to help me clean.

Bullshit. I call bullshit.

Fucking bullshit.

In other news, I am angry about this. Also, it is bullshit.



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I LOVE it when people think you don't have a clue what the hell you're talking about and proceed to degrade you for your supposed ignorance when you really know just as much on the subject if not more than they do.



I have a new art character. No story to it, just a character that I like to draw.

She is tentatively dubbed "Naked Elf Chick with a Gun and a Scarf."


She's a badass.

Anyway! Test tomorrow, should be simple. Cake, even, perhaps. I like cake. Hmm...I still have some in my fridge as a matter of fact.

And this concludes my post for the day.

Wait no! Francis is a dumbass. For thinking Revelie and Retreat are the same song and that we salute To the Colours and that Retreat is the actual action of the flag going down, NOT the song we salute. DUMB. ASS.

Also, we have Combatives as Warrior Task ALL WEEK. Even on Saturday. So you won't see me much, because when we're released at 2000 I'll probably be in my room drawing Naked Elf Chick with a Gun and a Scarf.

I drew a swordie girl today. She is adorable. ♥