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I'm a NINJA!

Behold, my red scarf

25 November 1985
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Name's Sam. I live in California. I like it here. Um. I play RO. A lot. If you've met me on RO you probably know me as either Guin or Guido. If you know me from #ROLJ, you know me as Guindo because I couldn't decide which nick was more recognizable. It's also possible you know me as Macy, except that would make you old. I deleted her forever ago.

Thing is, if you read this journal, then you probably know me in some way. Guinevere Koopa is the old alias that the majority of you will know. I was Death Kirby for a while, and if you remember the Kirby MB you'll know me as DK. Straw walls ;D (...in-joke =x)

I can't really tell ya much else about me. This journal isn't like, friends only or something, so you can read it to get a better idea of what I'm like if you feel like it.

That's about it. Friends me if you want, and if I get around to it, I'll probably friends you back.

Time to add more to this after like forever. Not much to add except that I have become a soldier in the United States Army Reserves. Currently going through Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training, expected to return from Fort Huachuca, AZ sometime in January. MOS is 96b, Intelligence Analyst, because everyone likes to ask what your MOS is.